"I am a minimalist at heart, inspired by timeless aesthetics. With a deep love for interior, fashion, beauty and portraits, I strive to capture the essence of simplicity and elegance in every shot. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful light and deep shadows to enhance my style. My approach is simple and pure, characterized by natural tones and a focus on the subject's essence. I believe that less is often more, and my images reflect this with their minimal composition."

Mylène Timessen (1992) is a photographer based in the Netherlands, with over 7 years of professional experience in fashion, interior- and portrait photography.

Clients: Atelier van Schaijck, GUTS & GUSTO, Hashtag Workmode, Zascha Hair, Studio Femme Home, House of modern souls, Hooijer Footwear Group,  Studio Ahum & others. 

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